The place to improve your shooting skills…

The Phuket Shooting Range, the first shooting range in Phuket and remain the best, safest and most spacious range Phuket can offer.

From indoor accuracy training to outdoor combat courses the Phuket Shooting Range offer you complete firearms experience.

The Phuket Shooting Range is fully equipped with a variety of firearms and bullet sizes to suit all your Holiwood desires. Whether it is pistols or revolvers, rifles or shotguns, you never be out of choice.

All our staffs are fully equipped with safety and equipment knowledge, where you can rest assure that your in the safest and most professional hand, without being controlled on every single step.

This is a sport where one can physically measure progress towards that ultimate aim, a field in which perfection of equipment and self are essential to reach the top. So why not visit us today to feel what it’s really like to shoot a real firearm.

Shooting fee: (included pistol or rifle, ear- and eyes protection, target, use of range. instructor, insurances)

  • Caliber .22: 10 bullets 690 THB
  • Caliber .38: 10 bullets 890 THB
  • Caliber .45: 10 bullets 890 THB
  • Caliber .9 mm: 10 bullets 890 THB
  • Shot gun: 10 bullets 1090 THB

Open: daily from 09:00 to 18:00

There is not age limit for children, however there is a height minimal requirement of children to beĀ at least 135cm tall to be able to handle firearm.

This is a walk-in facility, no reservation required.